Space Buster 3D v1.9 gets HD textures

This update brings HD textures for WVGA and FWVGA devices. It also brings back the save game feature when installed on SD card. You may need to uninstall any previous version manually to upgrade due to app signature issues.

Tell us what you think about it.

1,287,384 downloads so far, 33rd free Arcade & Action game, 4-stars average rating… We hope we can get higher by continuous improvement. We may add some levels soon!

{One Response to “Space Buster 3D v1.9 gets HD textures”}

  1. I absolutely LOVE this game! But i think you should use the reward icons and evil icons a lit more. On many games you hardly see any and sometimes its boring. And why take you back to redo previous level instead of level you ‘die’ on??

    And also..i like the music but..what is it..because it sounds like one of the tracks is symbolic of snorting cocaine, you hear a lot of sniffing noises coupled with the giddy music…just wondering…


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