Space Buster 2048 v5.3: Coin Doubler and Facebook Invites

Hi there,

We’ve just completed a big update coming soon for your devices. You can now buy a Coin Doubler (x2) and invite your Facebook friends (You will get 1000 coins for inviting each friend!

Download Space Buster 2048 and invite your Click hereacebook friends now!


Blob Shooter Deluxe

We’ve been working on this great pet project for 3 months. It is the first Bubble Shooter featuring deformable bubbles! Download it for FREE:

About 8000 downloads so far, and 28.000 sessions! Includes the best fart piano on earth! Thanks to all the people which helped us to bring such a great product.


Crazy Blocks now available on the App Store

Our new game for iOS is now on sale for FREE on the App Store. It’s a LineUp killer with both action and puzzle modes for hours of fun. The only game where you can win a sausage!

It’s a universal application for all iOS devices, featuring HD textures for iPad and Retina displays. It supports the Game Center and Openfeint for achievements and leaderboards.

Crazy Blocks is a simple, thrilling and intuitive game with endless strategic possibilities!

Check some screenshots below:


Space Buster 3D v1.9 gets HD textures

This update brings HD textures for WVGA and FWVGA devices. It also brings back the save game feature when installed on SD card. You may need to uninstall any previous version manually to upgrade due to app signature issues.

Tell us what you think about it.

1,287,384 downloads so far, 33rd free Arcade & Action game, 4-stars average rating… We hope we can get higher by continuous improvement. We may add some levels soon!


Space Buster 3D on your SD card

New feature on Space Buster 3D, our brick breaker on the Android Marketplace. Thanks to the feedback from Jeff B you can now move the game to your SD card. It will reportedly take only 116KB of internal storage after that.

We top 927,827 android downloads so far since June and are currently ranked 30th free game in the Arcade & Action category. We’ll reach one million soon and that’ll be a great achievement to us. We are thinking about future improvements on this Android product, your feedback is welcome.


Space Buster 3D Leaderboard

We have changed the leaderboard in our Android products Space Buster 3D and Space Buster 3D Lite. We have to clean the database regularly to handle the load and keep the server cost affordable. It will now keep your best score for 24 hours only, except if it is 500.000 points or higher. We may switch to Openfeint for Android one day, as we did on the iPhone version.


iTunes Rewind 2010

Our iPhone game Aztec Brick Breaker is featured in iTunes Rewind 2010, 7th free game of the year in France, with 560,000 downloads in six months.

Get it there :


We’ll be working on an HD release for iPad and retina display.


Aztec Brick Breaker

Aztec Brick Breaker is our second breakout game for iPhone. It shares much heritage from Space Buster.

So far,  420,000 downloads since it’s launch on 9th June.

Aztec Brick Breaker Preview

Download it on the App Store with 16 free levels:



HD Brick Breaker

HD Brick Breaker is our best-selling brick breaker for iPad. It was released on 17 June and quickly became #1 free app in France and USA for some time. 300,000 downloads so far !


Check it on the App Store with 24 free levels: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hd-brick-breaker-free/id376180482?mt=8

You can then upgrade to the full premium version with the in-app purchase: 200 more levels for $2.99

On 18 March iPhone developers got an email from Apple titled “Now accepting iPad Apps”. That was a provocation to us since the device was only available in the USA. Anyway the beta SDK shipped with an iPad simulator and our lead designer Julien began making textures for a coming HD version of our best-selling product Space Buster.

My friend Michel was back from a trip in Hong Kong and told we he got one device there. The game was running well on the simulator so I sent him beta binaries by email using ad hoc distribution. It failed to launch on the device and I didn’t catch any clues about why it won’t. I was jealous and frustrated so on 21 April we decided to buy one device on eBay: 16 GB wi-fi priced 650 €.

While I was debugging I figured out there was some kind of memory overflow after loading half of the textures. I had to compress them using PowerVR Texture Compression at 2BPP resulting in a 4 times lighter memory footprint with reasonable quality loss. What’s great about PVRTC is the textures get stored in compressed format on memory and the GPU does natively decompress them on the fly.

We wanted to ship many levels so we included all the original levels from Space Buster (166) then Julien designed 50 new stages.

The iPad then became available outside the USA on 28 May and the game went on sell 3 weeks later.

Last week we pushed the first update (v1.2) including 8 more levels for free and premium users to celebrate the first 300.000 free downloads.